SRE Prodcast

The SRE Prodcast is Google's podcast about Site Reliability Engineering and production software. In Season 1, we discuss concepts from the SRE Book with experts at Google.

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SRE Prodcast

Episode 9

Postmortems with Ayelet Sachto

Ayelet Sachto offers advice on creating an actionable, transparent, and blameless postmortem culture.

Episode 8

Incident Management with Adrienne Walcer

Adrienne Walcer discusses how to approach and organize incident management efforts throughout the production lifecycle.

Episode 7

On-Call Rotations with Andrew Widdowson (APW)

Andrew Widdowson (APW) shares strategies for successful on-call rotations.

Episode 6

Automation with Pierre Palatin

Pierre Palatin dives into different automation strategies, how to build confidence in your system, and why designing the UI may be your biggest challenge.

Episode 5

Client-Transparent Migrations with Pavan Adharapurapu

Pavan Adharapurapu details how to approach large-scale migrations while optimizing for user experience.

Episode 4

Rethinking SLOs with Narayan Desai

Narayan Desai explains why SLOs can be problematic and proposes alternative methods for monitoring complex, large-scale systems.

Episode 3

Alerting with Amelia Harrison

Amelia Harrison advises on when and how to alert, ideal coverage, and tuning.

Episode 2

Customer-Centric Monitoring with Silvia Esparrachiari

Silvia Esparrachiari talks about the challenges of monitoring and the importance of understanding your users.

Episode 1

SRE Philosophy with Jennifer Mace (Macey)

What is SRE, anyway? Jennifer Mace (Macey) gives us her definition of "site reliability engineer," discusses how to manage risk, and shares key questions to ask developers.

Episode 0

Creating the SRE Prodcast with John Reese (JTR)

Host MP English and former Google SRE John Reese (JTR) chat about the creation of the Prodcast.


The Google Prodcast Team has gone through quite a few iterations and hiatuses over the years, and many people have had a hand in its existence. For the longest time, a handful of SREs produced the Prodcast for the listening pleasure of the other engineers here at Google.

The credit for a lot of the project really goes to John Reese, known around Google as JTR. The Prodcast was a project he kept alive as other team members came and went. Eventually, JTR decided to explore the world outside of Google and the Prodcast was left in an uncertain state. I had been a part of the team for a while, Viv had just joined the team, and the other member of the team had to step away due to other commitments.

At this point, we decided to make a hard pivot. We decided that we wanted to make a podcast for more than just engineers at Google. We wanted to make something that would be of interest to folks across organizations and technical implementations. In his last act as part of the Prodcast, JTR put us in touch with Jennifer Petoff, Director of SRE Education, in order to have the support of the SRE organization behind us. With that, we turned to one of the most studied resources in SRE: the Google SRE Book.

We didn't want to rehash what the book already discussed in detail; we might as well have just recorded an audiobook if that was our goal. Originally, we were aiming for something in the neighborhood of an update—a revision—to the SRE Book. What we ended up with was a series of conversations with domain experts at Google that often challenged the orthodoxy of the SRE Book, sometimes entirely reframing the topic, as is particularly the case with our episode on SLOs, one of my personal favorites.

I found myself learning new things during every recording session, even though we had already met with our guests to map the episodes out! It was an absolute pleasure chatting with all our guests, to the point that we often continued talking after we finished recording. I am immensely grateful to all our guests for the time they contributed so that we may put all of this together for you. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording.

To the present and future reliability of you and your services,

— MP English from the Prodcast Team


Core team: Betsy Beyer, MP English, Salim Virji, Viv

In addition to our Prodcast guests, we'd like to thank (in alphabetical order): Javi Beltran, Cara Pardo, Jennifer Petoff, John Reese.