Ask an SRE at Google Cloud Next '24

Come and talk to Google's SRE team about your reliability challenges!

Find us in "Sage B" in the Delano conference space, Tuesday Apr 9 - Thursday Apr 11!

We're offering bookable, face-to-face sessions with Google SREs April 9, 10, and 11, between the hours of 10:00am-4:00pm (Pacific Time). If you'd like to book a slot, email us at We'll follow up with you for more information.

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Google SREs
Google SREs

Topics might include:

  • SRE adoption in the enterprise: How can you establish a foothold for reliability engineering in your company?
  • What is SRE and why does it matter? What does it give us? Are we doing it already?
  • Disaster Recovery Testing: What are the principles and best practices of disaster simulations? How do we integrate Disaster Recovery into my team's regular practices?
  • Better monitoring practices: What do you really need to monitor? Where and how?
  • Change management: Service config and binary changes are a principal source of outages, so how do you mitigate their risk?
  • Operational overload: How do we dig our team out of a weekly alerting nightmare?
  • How to build out an SRE team: You have more products and features than people in your SRE team. How do you make it work?