SRE in the Cloud

Learn how to put SRE principles into practice by leveraging cloud technology. Implement SRE in your organization through tooling, hands-on tutorials, videos, blogs, and other resources.

Simplify your SRE journey with cloud native tooling

sre drive balance

Balance development velocity and reliability

Manage reliability and drive alignment between developers and operators with baked-in SRE best practices. Create Service-Level Indicators (SLI), set Service-Level Objectives (SLO), and track errors easily with Service Monitoring. Out-of-the-box metric dashboards are available to help you quickly view and analyze service health.

reduce toil

Reduce toil through built-in integrations

One integrated view across metrics, uptime monitoring, dashboards, and alerts helps with faster resolution and in context observability. You also get access to metrics, traces, and logs with zero setup. Connect to tools you love like PagerDuty to troubleshoot incidents quickly across hybrid and multicloud environments. Near real-time ingestion latency and terabyte per-second ingestion rate ensures you can perform real-time log management and analysis at scale.

create a proactive

Become proactive about observability using open APIs

Leverage open observability tooling to instrument your applications. OpenTelemetry is fully integrated with Cloud Operations, so you can collect and export data from cloud-native applications, Specifically, Cloud Trace allows developers to instrument and export applications with OpenTelemetry for faster incident resolution.

SRE practices in the cloud

Learn SRE Best Practices with resources created by SRE Experts

customer reliability

Cloud blog

Customer reliability engineering (CRE) life lessons

Learn valuable life lessons from the CRE team at Google.

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Google cloud deploy

Cloud blog

Google Cloud Blog: DevOps & SRE

Google Cloud blogs written by SRE subject matter experts across various SRE and DevOps topics such as setting SLOs, getting the right culture, product announcements, customer stories, and more.

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Increasing business

White paper

Increasing business value with better IT operations: A guide to SRE

This paper covers the business benefits of SRE, SRE best practices, what Google Cloud offers for SRE, and how Google's own experience can help customers on their SRE journey.

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Learn from real-world case studies

Learn how Google Cloud customers are able to leverage SRE practices.

2023 State of DevOps Report

2023 State of DevOps Report

For the last nine years, we've produced the Accelerate State of DevOps report, hearing from over 36,000 professionals worldwide. We've outlined the DevOps practices that drive successful software delivery and operational performance, with a deep focus on user-centric design in the 2023 report. Use these findings to accelerate organizational performance while reducing burnout.

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Google Cloud SRE website

Visit the Google Cloud SRE website to learn more about leveraging SRE in the Cloud.

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