Creating a Production Launch Plan

Written by:
Alec Warner & Vitaliy Shipitsyn with Carmela Quinito

This report presents strategies to sustain launch planning practices over time by scaling the to the size of the launch and the teams involved. Some products might launch fine with little planning, while others could require long and rigorous planning efforts. Some organizations might have small operations teams, yet others might have just one product and launch product features instead of entire products. By practicing launch planning, your organization can build up the degree of proficiency it needs.

Remember that for a successful launch, planning isn’t optional. Plan your launches and launch successfully with confidence!

This report presents different areas of launch planning, offering a selection of relevant examples based on lessons learned at Google. The authors build on these examples to develop launch practices, providing a guide to help you determine where your product could use help on the way to its users. Use it as you build a launch checklist, and follow the checklist to launch successfully!